M.ARCHE设计机构在2011年創立於香港,2013在广州成立分公司 ,现有员工70余人,核心团队由设计学博士(UCD),哲学博士(PHD)、產品设计師、建筑師、結構工程師、室內設计師、藝術策展人,前本土4A公司品牌合伙人组成,同时已签约4名用户研究、交互体验、等领域专家顾问,希望通过不同的领域發掘設計的本原。他们是中国领先的“设计驱动型品牌”创新孵化机构,通过11年的发展,构建了以空间创新及品牌孵化为核心的服务模式。尤其擅长在细分领域面向消费升级的大趋势,完成 "从0到1"的品牌构建,服务内容涵盖研究洞察、设计策略、品牌设计、建筑设计、商业空间设计、項目管理等服务。行業領域,包括房地產項目、酒店民旅、餐飲會所,娛樂產業。
MARCHE design agency was founded in Hong Kong in 2011 and established a branch in Guangzhou in 2013. It currently has more than 70 employees. The core team consists of Doctors of Design (UCD), Doctors of Philosophy (PHD), product designers, architects,structural engineers, It is composed of interior designers, art curators, and former brand partners of local 4A companies. At the same time, 7 expert consultants in user research, interactive experience, and other fields have been signed. They hope to explore the origin of design through different fields. They are China's leading "Design-driven brand" innovation incubation institution. After 11 years of development, it has built a service model with space innovation and brand incubation as its core. It is especially good at facing the general trend of consumption upgrading in segmented fields and completing brand construction "from 0 to 1". The service content covers research insights, design strategy, brand design, architectural design, commercial space design, project management, and other services. Industry Fields include real estate projects, hotels, restaurants, clubs, and entertainment industries.
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